Original Xiaomi MiBand Smart Wristband

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Track your steps toward a healthier life with the original Xiaomi fitness bracelet.

The Xiaomi records your steps as you walk, jog, run, or just work around the house. It will motivate you to get to 10,000 steps and beyond... or whatever your personal goals are.

But the Xioami doesn't stop there. Wear it on your wrist 24/7 to track the quality of your sleep at night and set its alarm to wake you up in the morning.

View real-time physical activity through mobile applications. So you'll be able to monitor your walking and running.

The Xiaomi bracelet can automatically determine whether your sleep was deep slumber or light rest. It then summarizes your sleep time, so you can monitor your sleep quality... helping you learn when you sleep best.

Ready to dive into getting a color band, but want a black band, too? Make sure to choose the option to buy a black band plus the color of your choice.
It can connect with your Android 4.4 mobile phone. The system supports (Android 4.4 or higher.)
 Main Features
30-day standby power
Sleep-cycle smart alarm
Fitness monitor & sleep tracker
Running MIUI Android 4.4 and above 
Unlock your Mi phone without a password
Stylish band options 
Water resistant (IP67)