Bluedio U (UFO) Premium High End Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (Black)

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Music that comes alive and true from your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth MP3 player? You can have it all with the Bluedio UFO! Immerse yourself in 3D sound. With its innovative 8-driver design, every note is accurately reproduced, so you can enjoy big-sounding music from your small device. Enjoy your music the way you like it! And appreciate the beautiful sound for up to 25 hours before re-charging.

Connect your new Bluedio U to your mobile... turn on the 3D DSP Sound Effect... hit play... and be ready for the "WOW!" The depth of sound will send you on a musical journey!

But with the Bluedio, there's no reason to stop there. Connect your Bluedio to any compatible Bluetooth audio device... and immerse yourself in sound with your personal headset.

Movies, games, musicals, whatever you want to hear, you'll the Bluedio will make it Crystal Clear.

With the Bluedio you'll have:

  • Detailed and balanced sound. Bluedio exclusive PPS8 technology makes it come true. With innovative 8-driver design, every note is accurately reproduced.
  • Don't just listen, but be immersed in sound with Bluedio's 3D sound feature.
  • A headset that's sturdy and ready to last a long time crafted with top notch Al-Ti alloy.
  • Up to 25 hours of Bluetooth playback from latest Bluetooth 4.1 low-power technology

The Bluetooth flawlessly works with your smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth enabled MP3 player. 

Note: there may be compatibility issue with other devices.